Meet Shelley

“What is a transgender person, anyway?” “How do transgender people want to be treated?” “How should I address them?”

Few issues in today’s society arouse as much emotion — and confusion — as transgenderism. As prevalent as the issue is on nightly news broadcasts, many people still have basic questions, like the ones above, that no one seems willing or able to answer – Until now.

A life-long educator and a highly regarded consultant and speaker, Shelley Roth is bringing incomparable teaching skills to a most personal topic: Shelley’s own transgender journey. Through a new book and presentation, Shelley is on a mission to bring understanding about transgenderism … in a light-hearted, non-confrontational way.

“I want to help people understand, first of all, what a transgender person is,” says Shelley, “and, even more importantly, how labels don’t define us and why they’re not necessary for our souls to thrive.”

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