Bring Shelley to Your Organization or Event

Do you think transgender people are different than you? Are you seeking knowledge on what it means to be a transgender person? Meet Shelley Roth, a published author and well known social media trainer, consultant and speaker, and hear the story of “Don’t Call me Ma’am, A Story of Living in a World without Labels”, Shelley’s newest book.

Keynote Topic

Don’t Call Me Ma’am

Living in a World Without Labels

 Gain a better understanding of gender identity through Shelley Roth’s story and how they came to terms with embracing their transgender self.

Interested in Bringing Shelley to Your Event or Organization?

By the end of this session, you will:


Have a better understanding of what a transgender person is.


Develop a compassionate attitude for all people.


Realize which questions to ask/not ask a transgender person.


Learn about using gender neutral pronouns.


Be inspired to treat every person as you want to be treated.